About Us


Migration agents do not just fill in the paperwork

 We bring to the case experience and skills in dealing with similar cases; skills developed alongside our knowledge of the substantive law; understanding of the relevant legislation and how a case can turn on a small detail;

we are problem solvers and problem preventers. We know how to get to the desired outcome.

We think analytically within the migration law context and apply logic to the specific case, we distinguish between fact, inferences, presumptions, and assumptions.

We watch out for biases, prejudice, and fallacies. We know what case law underscores the specific matter, and what to watch out for that can turn a straight forward case into a complex one.

In short, we know the law, how to find the relevant legislation, how to interpret it and how it applies to the specific case. We know the legal processes, what must accompany the application for it to be a valid application, and how the criteria are satisfied.


Gagan Butalia