Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

This visa is meant for  people who have good command over English language as well as qualifications and skills for an occupation that is listed in the MLTSSL list.  Since workers are in great demand in Australia, anyone meeting these criterions will be considered for the visa.

Your application will be assessed against a point’s test, when you apply for the skilled Independent Visa. Your application will be processed further if you attain the pass mark.

For skilled Independent Visa, to be able to lodge a valid application, you are required to submit and Expression of Interest (EOI) to Department of Home Affairs. Only after receiving an invitation, you would be able to lodge the visa application.

There are some advantages of this visa which are as follows:

  • Sponsorships are not required to apply for this visa;
  • Its expiry does not affect your permanent resident status if you are in Australia;
  • It allows you to travel to and enter Australia for five 5 years from the date it is granted;
  • You could be eligible for Australian citizenship;
  • You may live and work in Australia on a permanent basis;
  • Your family may accompany you, and they may work and study in Australia.