Skilled Nominated – Subclass 190

This visa is apt for  people who have good English language skills. The candidate also must possess the necessary qualifications and skills that are required for an occupation in Australia, and at the same time, also in demand in the state that the candidate is applying to get nomination from.

Your application will be assessed against a points test when you apply for the Skilled Nominated Visa. Your application will be processed further if you attain the pass mark.

You are required to submit and Expression of Interest to DOHA  to be able to lodge a valid application for Skilled Nominated Visa. Candidates are eligible to apply for this visa, after they are chosen by a participating territory or state government.

The advantages of this visa are that:

  • You may live and work in Australia on a permanent basis;
  • You may travel to and enter Australia for five 5 years from the date the visa is granted;
  • You could be eligible for Australian citizenship;
  • Its expiry does not affect your permanent resident status if you are in Australia;